The Legacy Of Ronald Reagan Essay example

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Do you know which United States President was shot sixty-nine days after being in office? This president was also the fortieth president and he had a wife named Nancy. You’re totally right, it’s Ronald Wilson Reagan, the only president was was shot but not killed. Ronald Reagan was the most consistently active president in policy making. Even though Ronald only served for two short terms he is still one of the greatest presidents to live in the White House. Ronald excelled in the presidential, military, and government fields. Ronald started doing great things from a very young age.
Ronald was so respectful and respected that he was doing everything right from the time of birth to the time of death. He was the son of Jack and Nelle Reagan, and was born in a small apartment above the Pitney General Store on February 6, 1911. His father Jack was a successful shoe salesman and an alcoholic. Ronald still recalls to this day dragging his passed out father into the house from the snow. His mother and father were both Democrats and attended the Roman Catholic church on Sundays. Ronald graduated from the Dixon High School in 1928 and enrolled in Eureka College that same year. Four years later he graduated from there with a “C” average. In college he was part of the swim and football team, along with performing with the drama club (Miller Center of Public Affairs, n.d.).
After Ronald graduated from college he received a job as the radio sportscaster earning ten dollars per game along…

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