Essay on The Legacy Of President Washington

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President Washington had been back from his tour of the West Coast for a few weeks now. He thought a lot about what he saw and experienced on his trip back. He was still reeling from what he saw at Camp Parks and the rebuilding effort now going on in Southern California. How could all of the experts been so wrong? Why was it, that even after the event his own experts couldn’t move them forward? It took a United States Army Colonel to recognize what needed to be done and act on it. That was the feat, the leadership and focus to get the job done, no matter what it took. Brigadier General Clayton had built an entire new Civil Affairs unit, which he sent out to various posts and communities to help them rebuild. A large part of what they did, and President Washington was amazed to find out, was largely based on what General Clayton’s wife, Melissa, had established prior to her death. The President thought of them as a formidable couple He often wondered too, if anyone else had stepped up to fill that gap after the event in such a positive manner. Another fact President Washington found amazing was that the military on the West Coast had done everything possible to maintain their belief in the country and Constitution. When civilian leadership finally emerged, they had no qualms about handing over the leadership to him. These men and women in the West Coast never stopped believing. The President met with General Watkins who gave him a personal tour of Camp Parks and…

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