Essay about The Legacy Of President Bill Clinton

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Monica Lewinsky, a former intern at the White House, is a persona with name and face that has become engraved into the United States public’s recollection of history. Lewinsky served in the iconic monument of the United States during former president Bill Clinton’s presidency in which they developed an improper and highly criticized relationship that drew in the eyes of the public. The media publicized the scandal and brought massive attention filled with disgust and hate for Monica Lewinsky. The public shamed her for tearing up and subverting the relationship between the United States power couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Monica Lewinsky was a prominent victim of public shaming in the late 1990s due to her scandalous relationship with Bill Clinton that continues to haunt every aspect of her life to this day. The American public’s eyes were glued to Monica Lewinsky and her lewd actions because the character that was represented of her in the media clearly did not appeal to their preeminent ethics. The American citizens valued and adored highly respected political leaders such as the dynamic duo, Hillary and Bill Clinton. To them, Monica Lewinsky proved to be a detrimental setback to the government and embodied a character that was seen as unfavorable. She was extremely vilified by the media because she was seen “as that scary feminine trope: the crazy, emotional Single White Female — or, to borrow the phrase from the political sex scandal before her, “a little bit nutty…

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