The Legacy Of Michael Jackson Essays

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Everyone dies but, not everyone leaves a cultural imprint to American Society as much as celebrities do. Celebrities often leave this world considered as cultural legends or icons. One of the many past popular icons is Michael Jackson a man known for his popular music and outrageous scandals. The death of this popular figure stunned many fans because many celebrities are portrayed invincible and superb by the mass media (Levitt). As a result, his death became an enormous spectacle to the world. It left the majority at distressed for weeks due to excessive publicity of the cause of his death and the response of the public. In fact, his death was considered scandalous by questioning if his doctor had anything to do with his overdose on the fatal drug. Michael Jackson’s postmortem became a cultural phenomenon to the world. Accordingly, fans backlashed with tears and commemorated him by dressing up in his popular costumes, sobbing to his music, and leaving flowers, shrines, and portraits in his Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. This comes to show the impact celebrities have on their fans.
Even more, when the media speaks about their dead celebrities they tend to acknowledge the triumphs and significance the celebrities had in society rather than the scandals that media haunted them when alive. For example, when the media would speak about Michael Jackson they would only recognize his accomplishments in the music industry and his achievements. The media understated his scandals…

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