The Legacy Of Magdalena Abakanowicz Essay

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Magdalena Abakanowicz was born on June 20, 1930, in Falenty, Poland. She is one of Poland’s most honored artists, known for her massive series of sculptures. When she was nine years old the Nazi Germany invaded Poland. She and her family undergo the ongoing war throughout the years. After the war, being controlled by the Soviet Union. Social realism at the time was the only thing that was acceptable, it had to be in the more national and socialist form in content. Anything other than those art form that was practiced was culturally outlawed and heavily unacceptable in Poland including all Eastern nations. Abakanowicz finished high school and have attended two art Academy. First she went to Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts, but relocated. The second Academy is one of the leading art school in Poland, and graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1954. After her education at the Academy, Magdalena began her first art work. Majority of Abakanowicz’s art contributed to her experiences when Poland was under the Nazi and Soviet Union invasion. She spent most of her life moving that some of her earlier artwork was either lost or damaged in the process. For a short period of time the polish artist painted series of large gouaches on paper, cardboard, and canvas. Shortly, Abakanowicz, began to draw inspiration through her life experiences, her sculptures held an uncertainty that encourage different exposition, speaking broadly to human experiences. One of Magdalena Abakanowicz…

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