Essay on The Legacy Of Lincoln 's Legacy

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Lincoln’s Legacy Of all the Presidents in American history only a few have changed the course of history. Abraham Lincoln was one of those Presidents, many books have been written about his life and even movies have been made to tell his story of his life and death, as President he had many difficult choices to make on areas of his job. There are five jobs as President that he accomplished. He began his career as a Legislative Leader but soon after he was sworn into office he had to take on the role of commander in chief. As chief Executive, Director of Foreign Policy, and Economic Guardian he faced many challenges and helped begin a process to make a better United States for all it’s citizens. Early on in his political life he had passion against slavery in the newly formed Republican Party. He had tried very hard in 1855 and 1858 to win the Illinois senator race but lost. In 1860, Lincoln ran for Presidency and won by the Electoral College however, he lost the popular vote. He was only one of three presidents who had no support from the slave holding southern states. Not long after Lincoln was elected, Fort Sumter was surrounded by the Confederate troops. Lincoln responded by increasing the size of the army without congress’s approval, and suspended the Habeas Corpus, allowing military arrest without cause. This shocked many of Lincoln’s U.S. citizens. On May 28, the Supreme Court, Chief Justice, Roger…

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