Essay on The Legacy Of Lincoln Electric Company

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Lincoln Electric Company is an impressive story of a commitment by it 's founder, James Lincoln, to

manufacture welding machines and electrodes at the best cost for it 's customer 's with highest

quality worker productivity.

Continuing influence of founders:

Mr. Lincoln began his company with a high level of commitment and passion. He was an innovator

who is seldom mentioned as a contributor to the success of other companies like, Dow Chemical

Company. His level of passion and commitment is prevalent in the story of his earlier years when

tragedies plagued him in personal health and in professional loss. His early struggles illustrate his

dedication, commitment and belief in the company that he was building. His legacy continues on in

his commitment to keep costs low to the consumer & production high by keeping his employees


The Golden Rule:

The "Golden Rule" of Mr. Lincoln 's company and the idea that he felt was essential was to "Treat

people as you would like to be treated". Core initiatives were established to ensure that there was a

strong commitment to employees in many ways. One way was to emphasis on promoting from

within the organization. With the founder bringing in his brother to manage the day to day operations.

This step was in line in my opinion of promoting from within because it was a family member. In

many ways the employees were too a family so this move exemplified that core value of not bringing


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