The Legacy Of Lincoln And The American People Reconstruction Essay

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In 1865, after the Civil War, the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment, and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln a new era had begun, this era would soon be known as the Reconstruction Era. After the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln the vice president, Andrew Johnson was put up to the task of being The United State’s seventeenth President. With a new president at hand, the American people had hope that reconstruction would come quickly and easily, as promised by Lincoln. To Lincoln and the American people reconstruction meant not only the unity of two opposing parts of a once strong nation but, it also meant rejuvenating the country into something new. Andrew Johnson, however, had his own ideas of what the new nation should look like. To Johnson reconstruction was not the answer, restoration was. This seventeenth President believed why change or create something new when there was nothing wrong with the old. The lenient terms of restoration are the main reasons for the downfall of President Johnson and the angering of Congress. “President Andrew Johnson was the only senator from a seceding state to remain at his post in Washington, D.C, when the Civil War began in 1861… while Johnson had supported emancipation once Lincoln made it a goal of the war effort, he held deeply racist views” (Foner, 562-563). Andrew Johnson had a strong belief that there was no place for any African American in Reconstruction. He held such racist accounts and ideas that he had…

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