The Legacy Of Henry Ford Essay

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A cold dark night one of the coolest people was born. Henry Ford made one of the first cars ever. He is the maker of Ford vehicles. Henry Ford’s company has grown over all these years. His company is one of the biggest car and truck companies ever. In my opinion Ford’s are the best vehicles ever. On July 30, 1863 Henry Ford was born on a farm in a small town called Springwells Township, Michigan. This town was located about 9 miles from Detroit Michigan. Henry Ford’s parent’s names were William and Mary Ford. In December of 1879 Henry leaves his family’s farm to pursue his interest in machinery in Detroit. One of his first jobs when he was 16 was, at the Flower Brother’s Machine Shop. He made $2.50 a week. The job he did there was shape brass valves on a milling machine. A couple years later on April 11, 1888 on her 22nd birthday Henry Ford married Clara Bryant. Bryant grew up a few miles northeast of the Ford’s family homestead. They got married in Greenfield Township Michigan. A few years later Clara Bryant Ford has a baby boy. On November 6, 1893 Clara gives birth to her son. They name their son Edsel Bryant Ford. The family lives in a rented house on Bagley Avenue in Detroit. June 4, 1896 after 2 years of spending almost nearly every free minute refining his engine in the small shed behind his home, as well as in a basement room at Edison Illuminating. Ford finally completes his first automobile the (quadricycle). Henry ford drives his automobile…

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