The Legacy Of Bay Of Pigs Essay

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The legacy of Bay of Pigs
The battle of bay of pigs started on April 17, 1961 ( The bay of pigs of 1961 was a huge fail it made America look bad ( The attack on cuba was suppose to stop communist on that island (U.S. History). Fidel Castro the leader for cuba was a very strong man and smart. At this time the president was John F Kennedy he sent the attack on the cubans that turned out to be a big failure (Awesome stories). It was one of the worse mistakes that United States had made at this time. In all this stuff happen during the cold war, but we had a horrible defeat, and lost a lot of men in that horrible defeat/lost. America had a hard lost that day it was a very hard lost.
The other reason why we wanted to fight them is because of the Cuban missile crisis.
The cubans had missiles pointed at are popular cities like Chicago so John F Kennedy sent the the attack which is now called the bay of pigs. The the date of the attack was on April 17 , 1961 one of the worst mistakes ever. After the defeat over Cuba about 200 men surrender in the United States sent this boat to Cuba with 35 million dollars worth of food to get the men that surrender to be back in their home with their family ( The two secretaries at this time was Chester Bowles, and Dean Rusk and the did not want to send the attack on Cuba (History of cuba). The americans sent jets to help after the ground team got defeated horribly against Cuba (History.State.Gov).…

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