Essay on The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson

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No one really agrees on who were the worst presidents. Everyone has his choice and they are all different.

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson was a very prejudice person. He believed the United States was for white men only. He is considered by many to be the worst president the United States has ever had until Barack Obama came along.

He tried to stop the Fourteenth Amendment from being passed. For over a century the south was in poverty because of him. He used his time as president to push his prejudices because he could.

Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Wilson was President of Princeton University. He was a very prejudice person. He had nothing but contempt for immigrants. His beliefs brought the United States close to fascism. He ordered the arrest of 10,000 people and tried to have them deported under the Sedition Act of 1919. The United States was under lock down during Woodrow Wilson 's presidency.

Andrew Jackson
The largest slave owner in the south western United States was Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson believed the white people had the right to conquer all of North America from the east to the west.
There were treaties with the Cherokee Indians but when gold was found in Georgia the treaties meant nothing to Andrew Jackson. The Treaty of New Echota was negotiated by John Ridge, an agent of Andrew Jackson, and forced the Cherokee from their land. This was known as “The Trail of Tears.”

Andrew Jackson is believed to be the only president in history to defy a…

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