The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, born March 15th 1578 and died June 8th 1945, is known as one of the most influential presidents in United States history. His presidency is also one of the most controversial. While Jackson was known as a “people’s president” and a true advocate of the American freedom and integrity, he was also a man who neglected the minority and abused his power throughout his entire presidency to do so. He mistreated and killed Indians of many different nations, including those who stood by his side in his time of need, just to fulfill his vision of manifest destiny. Though loathed by the Indian nations, Jackson received much praise for his victories as a military leader, and later, a war hero. He exemplified the strength and dignity that he hoped one day America would define itself. Jackson was known as a man of “fierce temper and intoxerable will.” (Morgan, Robert. Lions of the West, a Shannon Ravenel Book. 2012, pp. 107). He had an intense hunger for expansion in the American west and greatly desired the lands in the creek country, so much so, he made it his life’s mission. In his eyes, if you weren’t part of the solution, you were contributing to the problem. Informed and further driven by his Mims Massacre experience, Jackson’s beliefs were that there were bigger and better plans for the United States and he was determined to see those plans through, no matter what obstacle stood in his way. Including the Indians and the…

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