The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson’s presidency was and is distinctively popular compared to others during the same time period. Around his election year of 1829, Americans were seeking a leader that would represent their needs as common people. Andrew Jackson was a true “common man”, unlike other presidential candidates who displayed themselves as average people to appeal to popular voters’ opinions, such as William Henry Harrison. Although he did not attend college, as was the case for many Americans at the time, he was still trusted to run the country for the good of the citizens, and he prevailed. A true sign of his popularity and good work as president is that he is pictured on the $20 bill. Some other examples of important historical figures that are on currency are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Benjamin Franklin, which should allude to the immense honor it is for him to be on this bill. This attribute, as well as many parts to his progressive legacy, led to his success in office, as well as his elevated status today. A major example of Andrew Jackson’s prominent status above other presidents is the fact that he created the ability for citizens who did not originate from esteemed families to still rise from their non-first-class lifestyles to genuinely make a difference through leading the nation. His beliefs included his absence of valuing education. Since he did not attend college but was able to successfully be elected twice into presidency, he believed that rule under…

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