The Legacy Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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Andrew Jackson made more controversial decisions than most presidents during his time in office. He had his successes and failures as president of the United States and he left a lasting impact on American politics. Overall, his decisions were popular due to American idealism at the time. He was, after all, considered "the people 's president.”

One of Andrew Jackson’s successes as president was the spoils system. The term came from the phrase by New York senator William Marcy who said, “To the victor belong the spoils.” The spoils system replaced old party government positions with new winning party voters, even if they weren’t qualified in some occasions. The system was a success because it unified the government. It was also meant to basically fill up the government with people that were going to support the president. The Jackson administration liked to refer to it as, “reform”, but many people saw it as corruption.

Many believe that the way Jackson handled South Carolina during the nullification crisis prevented an early civil war. The nullification crisis occurred during the time period of 1828 through 1832 because South Carolina chose to nullify the tariff arguing that it benefited the north at the expense of the south. South Carolina even threatened to secede, but Jackson prevented that by agreeing to reduce the tariff every year for eleven years setting the issue aside for later discussion, this resolution was introduced by Henry Clay. Another way Jackson took…

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