The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essays

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Abraham Lincoln is widely known for his freeing of the slaves and for being the United States sixteenth president but, Lincoln did a lot before his time in presidency. Lincoln was born in Kentucky in February of 1809 to his father Thomas, who did not possess the skill of reading but indeed was a strong father figure even though Abe did not get along very well with him and to Nancy Hanks who died when Abe was small. Abe did numerous chores around the house and farm for a while until he turned seventeen when he started work for a ferryboat. Abe fell in love with working on the water so he decided to build himself a flatboat and bring farm produce to New Orleans via the Mississippi River. The family moved a second time ending up in Illinois where Abe would become and independent person branching out to New Salem, Illinois after his second trip down the Mississippi.
Lincoln established himself early in New Salem and became a favorite of people with all of his skills and his knowledge. He was very confident early on when he decided that he wanted to put his name out there for a seat in the Illinois legislator. Soon after the Black Hawk War broke out and again Lincoln threw his name to go fight against the Indians. Lincoln served for three terms of thirty days in the service but while he was there nothing really happened. He came back to finish out his campaign but he ended up losing. Although he lost he joined in with The Whig party as a secretary. All of this was only the…

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