The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Real Life Heroes Real life heroes are extremely important in everyone’s lives. They can motivate others to do great things, help people to realize what they are called to, and be an example to them. There are different types of real life heroes including historic heroes, public heroes, and unsung heroes. Historic heroes can influence what people do throughout their lives, they can help them figure out what they want to do, and they can also give people motivation toward a specific goal. Even though they may have been dead for centuries, heroes can speak through the span of years to tell the stories of their lives. One type of historic hero include heroes in politics such as presidents, governors, and senators. Abraham Lincoln is a fantastic example of a political hero. Abraham Lincoln was an amazing president who took the United States through a civil war and brought it out united. Another type of historical hero is a missionary. This type of hero endangers their life every day in order to share with others what has been laid upon their hearts. An excellent example of this type of hero is Amy Carmichael who was a missionary in India for many years. According to an article in Charisma Magazine, “The impact of Amy Carmichael’s life continues to have an influence more than fifty years after her death”. (Dale “Heroine of the Faith: Amy Carmichael.”) One final type of historic hero is a human rights activist. People striving for rights in woman’s suffrage, the abolition…

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