The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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One would think that a successful, talented, and principled human being like Abraham Lincoln would have been born into the “ideal” life: with a sliver spoon in his mouth and slept in a cradle made of pure gold. However, the sixteenth president’s childhood was far from ideal. It is astonishing how a man who faced such adversity as a child became one of the most influential people in the history of the United States and guided the country through one of it’s darkest times. Losing both his mother, brother, and sister at a young age, being abandoned by his father who he had a horrible relationship with, and having very little education are all circumstances and events that shaped Abraham Lincoln into one of the most effective and successful leaders in the world’s history.
Losing a parent is an unimaginable loss, let alone losing a mother, sister, and brother all during your childhood. Losing three significant family members made Abraham Lincoln a compassionate, resilient, and empathetic human being, and we see these characteristics come up in his later life in all of his decisions as a leader. He shows his compassionate and empathetic personality when he wrote a letter of condolence to Fanny McCullough, a young girl who had lost her father in the civil war. In the letter he said, “It is with deep grief that I learn of the death of your kind and brave Father, and, especially, that it is affecting your young heart beyond what is common in such cases…” Losing his mother to milk…

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