The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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What is it that makes a President memorable? Sometimes it 's in their actions, other times it 's in their words which captivate and inspire us. And in some cases Presidents are remembered for both. In regards to the latter, one such President was Abraham Lincoln. As an example there are few speeches that capture the pulse of a nation the way Lincoln 's Gettysburg address did. The significance of which is regarded as one of the most famous speeches in American history. In this extraordinary oration Lincoln inspired the nation with a concise, eloquent stanza that summed up the ongoing Civil War, the great losses to our country, and reaffirmed why the nation 's sacrifices were not in vain, they were in the name of justice and righteousness. In the end Lincoln 's goals were clear to honor the dead, making no distinction between the lives lost for the Union or the Confederacy. Only noting that out of all the carnage a new, stronger nation would emerge from the aftermath of battle and to inspire the living to commit to this most worthy of causes (Science, 2006). Lincoln opens up by alluding to the Declaration of Independence, specifically that we are a nation founded upon the premises of liberty and equality. A testament to the fact that slavery had divided the country politically until the war divided it militarily. The war was symbolic of the threat to the principles on which the nation was founded."It was only four months prior that the Union defeated Confederate…

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