Essay on The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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On April 15, 1855, Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Marry Todd, decided that they were going to Ford’s Theater to attend a play. Little did they know that that night would be their last night together. Although the majority of the citizens during Abraham Lincoln’s time thought that he was a respectable man, he was assassinated in a very brutal way. (, 2015) “” stated that Abraham Lincoln was brought into the world on February 12, 1809 to Nancy and Thomas Lincoln. He was born in Hardon Count, Kentucky. Abe was born into a house with dirt floors and no running water. When Abraham was at the age of seven, his family moved from Kentucky to Indiana and when he was ten, his mother and uncle dies suddenly from milk poisoning. Abe’s father soon got remarried to Sarah Johnston. She brought three kids with her. Even after all of these life changing events, Abraham Lincoln grew up to be a very respectable man. (, 2015) Abraham’s next step in life was to get married. He married Mary Todd at the age of 33. She was 23 at the time. Through their years together, they had four kids whose names were, Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas. Thomas was the only one that survived out of the four children. (, 205) As Abraham Lincoln grew older, he became very politically involved with his country’s needs. In 1834, he won the election to be in the Illinois House of Representatives. In 1836, he wins a second term to the same position. He…

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