The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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In the matter of crisis, the outcome is determined by how strong the leader is. Abraham Lincoln is known for his role of leading the United States during the civil war. Abraham Lincoln was a president that broke down walls regarding the true meaning of leadership during a time of war. Through the biography written by George Clark, named A Legacy of Freedom, the hardships that President Lincoln endured were presented along with his early life, the process of him becoming president and from the time he becomes president to the time he is assassinated.
Lincoln was born on Feb. 12, 1809, in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. Lincoln had a tragedies happen all throughout his family. His grandfather was murdered by Indians which lead his father to be a wandering nature boy who grew up without an education. Thomas Lincoln, his father, became a skilled carpenter and purchased three plots of land before they left the state. Little is known about Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, it is known that she had a daughter named Sarah before Abraham and her youngest son died in infancy. At the age of 7, Lincoln and his family picked up their bags and moved to Indiana because it was easier to secure land in that state, than it was in Kentucky. Lincoln’s family followed a Baptist Church that forbade slavery so that may have lead to the the anti slavery rhetoric that Abraham Lincoln possessed.
Abraham Lincoln was encouraged by a Whig legislator John Todd Stuart, Lincoln became…

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