The Legacy Cafe Discussion Boards Essay

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The Legacy Café discussion boards were a great way for the class to come together to share ideas, stories, and learn from each other. After reading many articles, it was clear that the class demonstrated passion and respect for each other and the topics.
Group Outcomes Group 2 came together as a team to teach and learn from each other. The discussion boards each member of the group participated in were insightful and contained grounded literature to back up their discussion. The group stimulated conversation with each other on the topics as well as came together to summarize the groups discussion for the class. As a whole, the class decided to expand our discussions and take action on safe staffing. The group split the list of congressional contacts to send emails with a brief asking for support. At this point, we have received mixed results for responses. Effectiveness of teamwork has proven to be beneficial to organizations, patients, and nurses (Wheelan & Tilin, 2003). One individual within a group organized a Facebook page for the support of the class’s health care bill on safe staffing. This will allow the class to spread the information and continue to gain support from other individuals within health care.
My Contributions to the Legacy Café Initiatives I believe that my contributions to the Legacy Café Initiatives included additional insight on the topics. Each individual has their own set of strengths and mine is organization. My contribution…

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