The Lecture Time And The Time Of Travel Essay example

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College requires a lot of time, and some people do not have all the required time to go and attend one to three hour lectures every day of the week. The lecture time and the time of travel is a lot of time going into education. If a student has a busy schedule at work or being a dependent for someone, then they cannot spend all their time going to class, attending the class, and doing homework for that class. Online courses are perfect for students who lack time because online courses are convenient. According to Jung-Wan Lee, “Studies on online education demonstrated its potential as well as its positive impact on students owing to the flexibility and convenience offered by online classes” (Lee). The student can spend their course time anywhere, and they can choose to begin the lecture anytime they want. This is perfect for parents or anyone with a heavy work schedule because they can choose when they want to begin the lecture or homework. Many students today are required to work to pay for their tuition and living expenses. When students are required to work so much just to try to pay for college, that leaves very little time to attend class, do homework, travel to class, and maintain a healthy life. This allows students to make a schedule that works for them. As Kathy Michael says, “The convenience and flexibility of such classes provided students with a more balanced lifestyle and more control over their schedules.” (Michael). Online classes are beneficial for…

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