Essay about The Leaves Brushed Over Our Bare Arms

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The leaves brushed over our bare arms. Their serrated edges would irritate your skin and give you a rash if you had never been in the fields before, but you had been. We grew up together out here in these fields. We went through the towering high corn, we were scamps making our way. Blind save the green and brown and blue mess of a late-summer yield on all sides with the sky and ground tying us together. I was behind you trying to keep up. When I hit a mess of stalks and keeled over clumsy you just swiveled around and gave me your smile for a second before going on. I hurried behind you. God save me, I wanted to tackle you for that. You run fast and nothing seems to be in your way. Not like me and my clod-hopping feet. Yet I kept up with you: I account this to the unending pump of adolescent chemicals occurring in me, and some slight pity on your end. There was the clearing you mentioned: somewhere deep, surrounded on all sides by the tall stalks and wind. A massive pivot dry as dust stood there: we emerged by its end tires and could see all the way down to its other end. Hoses dangled from its coat-hanger frame and on their ends would be a shower soon enough. We let ourselves fall out of the group for this. Ditched the common company and hid ourselves away in a semi-familiar land. I grabbed your hand and you smiled again at me. I wanted to explore every inch of the land with you then. Together we could find ourselves in a mess of forests out West where it rains every…

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