The Learning Progress, Either By Pupils Work Or By Hearing Them Speak

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There has to be reporting back, to inform on the learning progress, either by pupils work or by hearing them speak. Learning needs can be assessed by periodically checking with assessment tools like questioning, walking around the room to find out the progress, standardised tests, marking the books, feedback, homework, etc. Assessments are also a way of reflecting ‘with the aim to improve learning and performance’ (new2teaching, 2015)
According to the school policies, there is a homework timetable to be followed and home works are given on the topics covered and are assessed to inform their learning on the topics covered. Also tests are conducted at the end of every module, which informs the students’ progress. The tests are marked and reported in the school tracking system and informs on the progress made with every lesson learnt. I used formative assessments in the form of peer assessments, questioning, plenary at the end of the lesson to assess the learning. I used to randomly pick up Student A for Q&A during the lesson to maintain his attention and assess his learning. Also, the response of student A in the plenary at the end of the lesson informs on his progress in understanding and learning the topic. According to David Pimm and Sue Johnston-Wilder (1999), feedback is also used to inform the student on their progress and achievement. This helps the student to understand their achievements and how can they maintain it. Due to difficulties in retaining short term…

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