The Learning Perspective : Psychological Personality Theory Essay example

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The learning perspective is a psychological personality theory that draws on the traditions of the behaviourism theory as well as social psychology. This perspective implies that personality is susceptible to shaping and polishing by the events of the past that forms an individual history. The underlying assumption of this perspective is that all behaviour is learned through either experiences or interaction with the environment. “This perspective views a person as entering the world as a blank slate, although it acknowledges that there are instincts and pre-set responses to stimuli, as well as a preference for pleasure and a desire to avoid pain” (Introduction to Learning Perspectives on Personality, 2003). The Learning perspective accepts that your patterns of behaviour are shaped by experience. From the learning perspective, an individual’s personality is purely the sum of everything they do, not what they think or feel. Thus, the causes of behaviour were those which could be observed directly.
Theoretically, an individual’s behavior is derived from the paired associations (Classical conditioning) and the rewards and punishments (Operant Conditioning) found in their environment, both social and physical. The two types of conditioning mentioned, classical conditioning and operant conditioning, can explain a great deal of the behavior of both animals and people. “Classical Conditioning is described as a process of behavior modification by which the subject comes to respond…

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