The Learning Needs Of A Sixth Grade Integrated Classroom Essay

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This unit is designed to suit the learning needs of a fifth-grade integrated classroom. The theme I chose for this unit is "Volcano" and I chose this theme because, in science, the students are currently studying natural disasters with a focus on volcanoes. In English Language Arts, the students are currently working on comparing and contrasting, and as a result, this theme was designed to provide opportunities for students to build on that skill. The theme allows for students to use a plethora of English Language Art skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and researching online information surrounding the topic.
I think this unit will benefit the learners because it provides them with various opportunities to interact with technologies, which is of great interest to 21st-century learners. As we all know, the students of today are constantly manipulating various technologies, whether it be their cell phones, computers, iPads or gaming system, therefore, I designed the unit to exploit technologies to enhance students learning and productivity. I believe students will benefit tremendously when we use technology to teach them English Language skills. It allows them to access, analyze, create, reflect and act, which are the five elements that are needed to enhance the students’ new literacy skills (Hobbs, 2011. p. 12).
Each lesson provides opportunities for students to take control of their own learning. They will work in groups and individually to gather…

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