The Leap By Louise Erdrich Essay

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From the hundreds of writing skills, authors around the world are capable of writing a story that connects to thousands of people around the world. Even short stories, which are a couple of pages long can leave the reader with profound thoughts. This is definitely the case for the story The Leap by author Louise Erdrich, which is about the tragic past of a former trapeze artist told in her daughter’s point of view and all the different obstacles that she overcame in life. With the use of clear and effective characterization, adding suspense that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat with the use of foreshadowing and by using effective literary devices used to make the story more engaging author Louise Erdrich has written a stunning story to express the universal theme of the story which is about taking risks in life. Characters are one of the most meaningful parts of a story and the best way to express a character’s behavior is through effective characterization. In other words effective characterization allows the reader to connect to the character. The character’s point of view helps the reader really understand the story and the theme. Anna, Avalon, who is the main character of The Leap is described effectively by her daughter (the narrator) in order to make it easier for the reader to connect with the protagonist, this is known as indirect characterization. Evidence supporting this is, “she has never lost her balance or bumped into a closet door left carelessly…

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