Essay The Leadership Theory Of Situational Leadership

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Recognizing that situational leadership is the idea that not one leadership theory is completely applicable, but it is up to the leader on how to approach the situation (The Situational Leadership® Model | We Build Leaders, n.d.). I use situational leadership most when I am on call and I am not prepared for the situations that I am walking into, I simply have to listen to the details of what is going on process those detail and react. Sometimes it is giving orders to the RA and others it is stepping into situations myself to protect the RA from that situation. Different incidents dictate different responses, while keeping a cool head and being able thing through the situation is the most important part. As I mentioned before, I did not see myself going into student affairs or housing until it was happening. Once I started preparing to interview for a job in the world of housing I did put together that I enjoyed student development more than I did teaching. It was the job search prep, answering mock interview questions, saying it out loud that my leadership experiences were all coming together to direct me down this new path. It took getting a job to see myself as a leader with my new skills, but my role as Community Director has affirmed me that I possess the ability to be a leader in my field because of my passion for student development and willingness to learn. At the beginning of any new job or position you make goals. One of my broad goals was to change the Greek…

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