Leadership And Motivation Essay

Leadership is an important function of management in order to achieve organisational goals. To execute this, leaders must be able to furnish inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their team. Several leadership theories are thought may influence (positively or negatively) motivation of individuals in organisations. On the other hand, it is hypothesized that leadership and motivation can be contradicted since these theories have many exceptions. This literature review of article Leadership and Motivation - Unit 11 (CCB_LeadershipGuide), attempt to focus on leadership style and leadership behaviour.
There is continuous debate about whether leadership was considered to be something of the nature of personal traits or the view that these traits may be acquired. This discussion assumed that leadership can be developed. Furthermore, the literature
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There are four different kinds of leadership behaviour that according to Robert J House could influence motivation, i.e.:-
i) Directive behaviour i.e. scheduling work, maintaining performance standards, and letting subordinates know what is expected from them. ii) Supportive behaviour i.e. friendly, approachable, and concerned with pleasant interpersonal relationships. iii) Participative behaviour i.e. consults with their subordinates, and considers their opinions. iv) Achievement-oriented behaviour i.e. encourages subordinates to exert higher efforts and strive for a higher level of goal accomplishment, and express confidence that subordinates can reach these

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