The Leadership Skills That an Event Manager Needs in Order to Be Successful

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The leadership skills that an event manager needs in order to be successful

Successful event management is the skill of applying project management knowledge in the organization of simple, medium or complex events. The events may range from birthdays, weddings, festivals, games to conferences. For any event, the organizing team is led by a manager or a group of managers. They are responsible of controlling, planning, giving tasks to their staff and periodically evaluating the progress. The skill of each manager is weighed on the productivity and quality of the event in question (Goldblatt, 2005). Since the management takes the overall control of the event, it is responsible for its success or failure. In order to maintain a
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This is what is meant by being a good leader. Also he should be able to show a work records of what he has achieved in the field. He must be able to encourage, challenge and inspire the employees in the event organization process. For instance, in a wedding preparation, the manager should be able to demonstrate what is expected in decoration or an arrangement.

Time management is a leadership skill that controls most of the other skills. Managers should be time conscious. They are responsible for the overall work schedule and they should deliver the necessities of a well organized event in time. They should be able to integrate the jobs of the respective employees within the event and come up with satisfactory time limits. This does not mean that the manager should be dictatorial but that he should delicate a job to the more suitable employee and ensure low work quantity per employee with an aim of saving time. Rewarding workers who finish their jobs in time can also be a successful method of making sure work is completed within the schedule (Kouzes, 1987). For instance, when preparing a conference, all activities should be completed over an hour before the time the conference is expected to start.

The events business requires a passionate manager (Solaris, 2008). Sometimes an event can be quite challenging and

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