The Leadership Of Mussolini : Mussolini And The Party, Or Big Brother

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Throughout Europe, totalitarianism has thrived, creating dangerous environments for individuals and being led by overpowering, threatening rulers. These concepts can be seen in the leadership of Benito Mussolini. Mussolini was a powerful Italian dictator who rose to power at the beginning of World War I. He became Prime Minister in 1922 and worked to create a fascist society to control all of Italy, similar to the Party in George Orwell’s 1984. Both Mussolini and the Party, or Big Brother, use some of the same techniques, which include promoting violence and instilling fear in citizens in order to maintain power. The Thought Police and the Two Minutes Hate can relate to the belligerent leadership of Mussolini, and both governments strive to control all aspects of human life. The two governments are not identical and their results differ, but the way both leaders control individuals and lead their country can be related. Despite the fact that Mussolini’s attempts to create a totalitarian society in Italy ultimately failed, the techniques he used, including aggressive leadership and the act of praising violence, can be related to the way the Party enforces its rules in Oceania to keep their power over citizens through the Two Minutes Hate and the constant fear of the Thought Police. Both the Party in 1984 and Benito Mussolini have evidence from their backgrounds to support the totalitarianism that is present in their nations. The Party has created an omniscient figure named…

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