The Leadership Of Leading A Team Essay

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Leading a team is a skill that takes time, determination and commitment. Leadership is a quality that is needed to lead a team to great success. Leaders must lead by example because they have to be good role models to the rest of the members. Leaders are very knowledgeable about the topic, very respected and someone you look up too. Leadership allows a person to communicate with their team and provide each member with steps to accomplish their goals. “We define leadership as verbal and nonverbal communication that facilitates a team’s transactional and task processes in achieving members’ and the team’s needs and goals” (G. Lumsden, D. Lumsden & Wiethoff, 2010, pg. 28). Leadership is done through transactional and task processing, which allows goals to be met for the individual and team interests. Leaders provide members in the team with motivation, pointing each other in the right direction and keeping everyone satisfied, which would be classified as verbal communication. Verbal communications makes for strong connections between members of the team. Good teamwork allows everyone to be apart of leadership in transaction and task processes. Nonverbal communication can greatly affect your team; without communication things will get misunderstood which can cause extreme chaos. As a leader you need to have the qualities to motivate, set goals, teamwork, strategize, manage and to overcome challenges. “Leaders, it’s said, ‘elevate,’ ‘empower,’ and ‘inspire’ those around…

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