The Leadership Of Collegiate Athletics Through Academic And Athletic Opportunities For The Student Athletes

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The NJCAA has had a huge impact on the leadership of collegiate athletics through academic and athletic opportunities for the student-athletes. The National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (NJCAA) has done a remarkable job in providing eligibility criteria that demand institutional and student accountability. The eligibility criteria is highlighted with the exclusive right for the student-athletes to be part of a unique demographic of 525 schools, separated into 24 regions, and three divisions such as I, II, and III. The geographic location of the institution is how each conference is aligned. However, the NJCAA guarantees each member college 's membership within the regional structure of the association. The NJCAA is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is an “organization that primarily operates in the Athletic Organizations business / industry within the Membership Organizations sector” (National Junior College Athletic Corporation, 2016). Initially the NJCAA was making a push to join the NCAA in 1937 by gathering coaches to form a unique organization in Fresno, California. However, the NCAA rejected the petition for the 13 two- year colleges trying to join the NCAA track and field championship. The rejection of the petition by the NCAA allowed the NJCAA to jumpstart the own programs separated into divisions and regions. However, the following spring, “those same 13 two-year colleges gathered again in Fresno to organize and form an association that would…

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