Essay about The Leadership Conundrum

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The Leadership Conundrum
Submitted to: Prof. L Prasad
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In partial fulfillment of the requirements of GMITE-VIII
By - Chandra Neha Mishra- GMITE08-112

I. Evaluate Modi’s experience at the supervisory training program?

Mr Modi’s experience with the executive training program was at the most very vivid and astonishing, the questionnaire
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Group processes

Here Mr. Modi’s subordinates could be divided into two groups, those who performed at 100% performance standard and those who rarely exceeded 80% of the standard
There were 26 people in all, and just dividing them in two groups based on performance was not really the correct solution
His previous attempt at having one on one with each of the individuals should have got him to a point of evaluating each individual on personality, behavior and competence; he should have looked at a broader perspective in terms of building groups.
When people come together to achieve a common objective, they are said to form groups, groups are an integral part of any organization, they work in structured and systematic way to reach organizational targets
He should have looked at creating a broader set of groups like, Informal groups, peer groups, formal groups and effective group and should have mapped individuals to the respective groups and in the process with different styles of mentoring and leadership should have got the end goal and objective.

Team or Group formation strategy:-

Adjourning Interpersonal Characteristics

Task Characteristics

Forming: Familiarly between individual increases
What is the task and how it is to be done?
Storming: Tensions prevail between group members and leader
Resistance to the leadership and its methods
Norming: Harmony develops and

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