The Leadership And Legacy Of Florence Nightingale Essay

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The Leadership and Legacy of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) has a rich legacy full of multiple accomplishments that have changed nursing practice. In her time she is known for her management skills and ability to lead others in a direction that would show interrelationships between environmental factors that affect a patents overall health. She was the first nurse statistician and well as a groundbreaking theorist of her time. Florence kept meticulous records of her knowledge and observations that have provided written accounts of her findings, thoughts, correlations and observations. These writings have enriched the profession of nursing ever since.
Nightingale is arguable the most influential nurses in the history of the profession. Prior to her lifetime and entry into the nursing profession there was not any “theory” in the nursing profession. “In the Victorian era, nursing was considered to be a lowly and menial profession in England…” (""The lady with the lamp" And Her Contribution to Modern Nursing"", 2015). Florence had experiences that influenced her theories thus changing the way nursing care was delivered. One example of this observation turned nursing theory was unsanitary conditions during the Crimean War of 1853. Nightingale was caring for patients who had Cholera. She formed the theory that the fatality rate was influenced by the unsanitary conditions of the hospitals during that time. According to "the lady with the lamp" and her…

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