Essay on The Leader Of The Free World

2218 Words Nov 30th, 2016 9 Pages
The leader of the free world did not make their way into the Oval Office of the White House by chance. Image is one of the vital appeals to the donor as well as voters from the 318.9 Million people living in the United States. When a candidate runs for the presidency, they have usually been in politics for a set amount of years and gained notoriety that will later be necessary when running for office. From Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats to the first televised political debate, the voters were able to fill in the blanks of a candidate’s image, and create a relatability factor of their politicians. Most of the presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt to Barack Obama have had an image to the public of being healthy, strong, and a leader in appearance. Sometimes years later we find that not to be the image we were shown at the time. We the people create the list of what we considered to be the presidential type. When in reality the only type of image that seems to win is the one with enough money to campaign until the National Convention of their party. One of the most fascinating things about the 2016 race and election for president has been Donald Trump’s complete lack of political background, and still winning the presidency with having no list of accomplishments in politics. The image of a divisive candidate can have a positive or negative impact on the perceived image of a party, depending on how many votes it can garner. When leading one of the Superpowers, like the…

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