The Leader Of A Leader Essay

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We must make it clear that no one is a leader all the time and at all times. A true leader does not create dependency on his person and he knows how to recognize and value the leadership that is in each one, even if he shows only at certain times or circumstances.
No one defines itself leader. Being a leader is something that is recognized by others. Even if a person wants to get out of their anonymity to be a leader, and do everything to show they are the best, their ability to lead is recognized by others and not by your will. In (Mark 1.6-11) Jesus becomes aware of leadership that is within it. More than recognition that comes from God and therefore unquestionable, the gospel want to emphasize the "assumption of leadership by the leader." Jesus becomes aware that it has a mission or leadership to accomplish,-that is yours and he cannot transfer to others.
The leader Jesus has the ability to understand and analyze the present moment: the fullness of time, the here and now! He knows how to intuit his contradictions and conflicts, glimpse his outputs, solutions, horizons and have an adequate, consistent and unprecedented word that breaks with the discourses and practices. In other words, a leader understands the situation when it is good and when is not. He has posture, deeply charismatic preaching and attitudes that stir the deepest motivations of people (Mark. 1: 14-15).
The leader Jesus is able to invite, motivate, gather and maintain cohesive followers, or people who…

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