The Laws Of Manu By Maharishi Valmiki Essay

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Religious texts are always respected by everyone and they also follow the faiths inscribed in these texts. They are religious because they give us a glimpse of history, they teach religious rules and regulations and advice to live spiritually. The great piece of literature, “The Laws of Manu”, sets strict rules in society for both men and women. The epic “The Ramayana” tells about the life of Rama and his wife Sita. They are the idol example of perfect behavior that should be followed in a society by both men and women.

Valmiki Ramayana was written with a faith that every man on earth posses the blessing of God and whenever the evil will try to spread his evilness, GOD himself will come down to earth to diminish them. Maharishi Valmiki wrote Ramayana the epic at the instance of Narada. Maharishi Valmiki gave the ideal man and woman to this world in the form of Rama and Sita.

Ramayana is just not a story but the teachings of early Hindu sages. With a through analyzation we find following characters as the main characters.
Rama is the hero of the tale. He is the seventh avatar of the God Vishnu. He is the eldest son of the king dasharatha and queen kausalya. They rule the kingdom of ayodhya. He is the symbolized as the epitome of virtue. When forced by Kaikey, who is the third wife of King dasharatha and mother of their son Bharata, Dasharatha was compelled to send Rama to go into exile for fourteen years sita is King Janaka’s daughter, and Rama 's adored wife. Sita is the…

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