The Laws And Values Of The Constitution Of 1876 Essay

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change Texas back to its old values. Without doing this the congress and Texans were afraid they would not be able to maintain their tradition. Some of the values were, independence, small government, less taxes, and localized school systems. The representatives and delegates wanted to create these values through a new constitution. The laws and values of the Constitution of 1876 are still in Texas today. Texas is still a strong conservative state whose values have still remained the same. The purpose of the Constitution of 1876 was to make a Texas Constitution, not a Northern Constitution. By going through the important days during the constitutional convention, we will see how it was done. Along with the reasons for these new laws to the representatives and Texans. The first day of the convention took place on September 6th, 1875 in Austin Texas. A total of ninety delegates all met in the Hall of Representatives to begin the Constitutional Convention of 1875. When the voters voted for the approval of this convention they were given the opportunity to elect three delegates from their

districts. There were seventy-five Democratic delegates, and fifteen Republican delegates. Six of the Republican delegates were African American. With around eighty-three percent of the delegates being Democrats there were no worries about approving laws. The first part of the constitution called for the districts to call out their number and to review their certificate. The delegates then…

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