The Law On Teacher Accountability And Evaluations Essay

2497 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
The issue I find to be a barrier is regarding a bill that was passed into Utah law recently. The law focuses on teacher accountability and evaluations. It is agreed that all teachers should be held accountable for the results of learning in their classroom, but this law has detrimental effects on the professionalism of teachers at a time that teacher knowledge and professionalism has reached an all-time low. This bill has also created a lack of trust in the districts between administration and teachers. Information about this bill shows that an annual evaluation of teachers can cause loss of salary if their score is not exemplary. Understanding that a loss of salary for poor work is an acceptable result of a poor evaluation, it is the methods of the evaluation that are a concern. A portion of the evaluation comes from stakeholders, parents and students will complete a survey about the teachers in the community. Again, this is important input, but there is no requirement that the student or the teacher has ever been in the classroom. Another issue in this same law is the Student Learning Outcomes, (SLO). The most disturbing issue regarding the SLO process is that teachers are required to give an estimate as to where each student will score on a single math and reading assessment in four months previous from the time of the actual assessment. If the estimate is incorrect teachers will be penalized. Quantitative measures are important in a fair evaluation, but this is…

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