The Law Of Respect Essay

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The Law of Respect There are twenty-one irrefutable laws of leadership. I chose to elaborate on the seventh law, The Law of Respect. I believe that the first time I really thought about the word respect is when a secular songwriter sang a song about RESPECT. Her name was Aretha Franklyn. She wrote in the song everything that she as a woman wanted from men to give her as far as respecting her. As a leader have I ever demanded respect and have given directives of how I should be treated, yes when I was raising my nieces. We want people to take our advice and use it, however, we have not acknowledged the fact that, do they respect us enough to follow our command. We are living in a time that this generation is not respecting their parents or the leaders of the schools, churches or authority anywhere. Therefore, it’s going to be a challenge to get them to be respectful leaders when they are not paying attention to how to become a leader as an adult. This is going to effect the new generations to come. Will there be someone that will continue to follow the legacy that will keep respect in the front? I think that if we show them now that respect is something that others give you, and what you give back, we have hope for tomorrow. The Law of Respect states that people naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves (John Maxwell p. 99). Nevertheless, this statement appears to be a true statement. When someone’s looking for guidance to assist them, they will look…

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