Essay The Law Of Property Act

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Overriding interests are those in which have seemed to create a disruption in the principles of registered land.’’ the absence of any evidence of an unregistered interest on the register challenges the” mirror principle” whereby the register should reflect everything that is material to the title” Thus distorting the simple idea of this principle in which should initially reflect every right and interest existing over the property.
Land law in the modern 21st century originally came about during the Norman Conquest in 1066. All land was under the rule of the king, who allowed rights to be granted also known as tenures (denotes the condition of the land holding) to those that he chose, which has been the fundamental basis upon which the principles of land law were created. The Law of Property Act 1925 this act assisted to reduce the number of legal estates in land down to the terms freehold and leasehold. The freehold allows the right in the land to be kept for an unlimited time which will come to an end only after the death of the landholder, whereas the leasehold gives the right to hold the land for a limited period of time.

Registered land was introduced solely to create a system whereby a title to land and other rights to that land can be recorded within one document, therefore providing a guarantee from the state that the ownership of any property is as it appears on the land register. Under registered land 75 % of land within England and Wales is registered under the…

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