Essay about The Law Of Attraction And Science

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1-Defition of the law of attraction:
The law of attraction is a universal law which states that everyone attracts to his/her reality things and events on which he/she focuses most of the time .Thus , by just understanding how the law of attraction works , people can take advantage of this law to attract the reality which they want to manifest in their daily lives .The law of attraction can be used to attract health , abundance , love , success , and happiness .
2-The law of attraction and science :
There are many scientific basis for the law of attraction .In fact , the law of attraction is related to the power of the sub- consciousness as well as reticular cortex activating system .
A-the power of the subconscious mind :
Our brain is composed of two parts : The part of the brain that we are aware of is our conscious mind. On the flip side, the part of our mind we are unaware of is our subconscious mind . The subconscious mind contains the software for our involuntary functions, emotions, and habits. Most of our habits and emotional conditioning were programmed in early childhood before we had mature faculties to make proper decisions. This means that our subconscious mind brings our beliefs to become our reality .Anything you focus on and believe in will eventually become your reality .Whatever is impressed deeply in the subconscious mind , will be expressed in the external world.
B-Reticular cortex :
Reticular cortex in a part of our brain which contains…

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