The Law Is Not Merely A Doctrine Essay

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The law is not merely a doctrine, but a social institution and similarly academic study of the law is not merely a doctrinal analysis of where the law is. The many aims of legal scholarship—doctrinal, theoretical, or empirical—are encapsulated in a ‘legal way of looking’ at social issues, to paraphrase Nobel Prize winner, Gary S. Becker. A legal approach is to answer normative questions on what the law ought to be. This is where I see the worth of legal study deriving from. Indeed the worth of an academic approach was the subject of a 2012 Inner Temple reader 's lecture series—Legal academics: Forgotten Players or Interlopers?—and similarly by Lord Neuberger’s lecture entitled Judges and Professors: Ships Passing in the Night, both depicting a relationship necessarily mutually influential in a common law system, allowing the principles of law to evolve without becoming vacuous or indeterminate, in order to maintain confidence in the law. Given that we live in an accelerating period of change, developing an understanding of the law in context allows us to ensure the law develops apace and social change, that the law is a vehicle for, is tantamount to social progress.

I gained an insight into an academic education in law through a taster lecture at Queen Mary University and a Law Masterclass at Cambridge. Discussion of the changes to the law of adverse possession, which links to stories often in the news, fostered a greater awareness of the law in context, better enabling me…

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