Essay on The Law Enforcement Has Worked Together With The Community

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Trust, in a community, is essential when it comes to law enforcement. Without trust, we won’t really feel protected in our neighborhood. To avoid this conflict, the law enforcement has worked together with the community to create programs integrating the public with the police force. One of the many existing programs to encourage this is NCPAA. Or, the National Citizens Police Academy Association. In this organization, the main objective is to have the community in regulations and have a better understanding of police functions. There are a lot of misinterpreted ideas where citizens believe that they train the citizens like an officer, but this is not the case.
Citizens could meet these officers, so they can relate to them and not just see a badge. Citizens can see these people as humans, and if they do make a mistake in their duty they can understand why they would. And, when they do things they may not understand, or like, they can fully understand that these officers are just doing their job. The biggest barrier between the two is when citizens think negatively of these officers, it creates distance between the two groups.
With this new understanding, citizens should be able to diminish any negative stigma they have towards the officers. Instead of believe that officers are overstepping boundaries or not doing their job right, they could understand why they do certain things and gain insight to the law enforcement responsibilities and policies. A citizen could join this…

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