The Latino Culture Of The Hispanic Community Essay

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When two people decide to join their life together for the Hispanic community that calls for a big celebration between close relatives and friends getting together to unite during this time of celebration, involving a wealth of traditions, many people say “hay que tirar la fiesta por la ventana” translated to English that the party needs to be thrown out the window, from what it translates it has a different meaning for the Hispanic culture meaning the party needs to be fancy, big and it needs to reflect the family 's status in society. The marriage is seen as extended families to link the kin of the two individuals. The wedding starts off with a ceremony celebrating the unity of both families. The ceremony takes place in a Roman Catholic church where the bride and the groom 's with their guests kneel or stand on the altar in front of a priest the bride and the groom exchange vows. The ceremony begins with first the groom getting walked to the altar by his mother who than waits for the groom, traditionally had always showed that the bride can 't be seen by the groom before the ceremony both are separated until the ceremony is ready to take place, than the bride comes in a limousine accompanied by her father who walks her down the aisle toward the groom as the bride walks in the altar the traditional wedding song plays in the background welcoming the bride as they approach the altar and the groom the bride’s father slowly moves his daughter 's hand to exchange her hand and…

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