The Latin American Of Latin America Essay

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This paper’s aim is to advise the Latin American countries on how they can best establish and fortify a new democracy while avoiding democratic decline and breakdown. The Latin American region is a colonial product of Spain and Portugal. Spain and Portugal controlled the region through a rigid class system, a social pyramid. The rigid class system, the high influence of the catholic church, and the rise of nationalism was some of the key factors in Latin American rebellion against their colonizers. Hence, the Latin America region has a strong military influence. The rigid class system established by Spain and Portugal still has a significant influence in Latin America today. The Latin America region is one of the most unequal regions in the world. Latin America’s strong military influence hinders its road to democracy. A civilian control of the military, a robust, fully enforced tax system, democratic bridging social capital, are the best three ways Latin America can achieve a new strong democracy. To prove these points, I will begin this essay by briefly assessing the state of democracy in Latin America today, mainly focusing on its successes, improvements, failures, and challenges. Furthermore, I will identify the most alarming problems with the state of democracy in Latin America so we could understand how the proposed solution will benefit the region to this new road of democracy.
State of Democracy in the Latin American region.
After many authoritarian and…

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