The Latent Power Of War Time Propaganda Essay

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The Latent Power of War-time Propaganda
The significance of propaganda in the facilitation of genocide cannot be overstated. Propaganda is not just critical, but absolutely essential to sustain an intense campaign of genocide. It is carefully crafted and multidimensional. It makes use of all forms of mass media and is designed to appeal to, and more importantly, persuade all intended audiences. Every successful propaganda campaign must also have a commanding monitoring and enforcement mechanism. At no time in history has there been a more masterfully organized and executed total emersion propaganda campaign than during World War II by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.
When genocide is motivated by a utopian ideology, perpetrators create fear & panic to persuade their subjects of the danger to their security and the imperative to eliminate whole groups of inferior people that threaten their very survival. The objective of Nazi propaganda was to win over the majority while it demonized the Jews. The Nazi Party acted with depraved indifference, and took it to a perverse level.
Following WWI, and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles, the German people were in turmoil, suffering economically, politically, and mentally. They were desperate and primed for a Totalitarian Regime. It was truly a perfect storm, the conditions made Germany predisposed for Adolph Hitler’s master plan. He was driven by his egomaniacal ambition and hate. His rage against perceived threats and injustices had…

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