The Latehomecomer Essay example

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The book, The Latehomecomer, is a fascinating story about a Hmong family and their struggle to get out of Laos and come to America as refugees. The Hmong people are a very proud people and they do not want to forget their culture. One can clearly see that the Hmong people hold close their identity and do not want to conform to the Vietnamese way. They take pride in their culture, their society, and the way they view how government should run. Hmong people did not agree with the Vietnamese communist government and were willing to join forces and help the United States as much as possible so that they could fight for what they believed in. Even though most of the young men and boys that fought in the war died in battle or were …show more content…
In most cases I believe that the girls are more quiet and soft-spoken like in The Latehomecomer. Yang’s grandmother resisted coming to America because of the pride her and her ancestors had in their homeland. In her homeland, at the camp, she is very well respected. In America though, all of that is gone because American society does not view her the same way the camp’s Hmong people view her. She would still be respected and admired by her family in America, but society would not show respect to her for being a healer and shaman. I believe she has too much pride in her accomplishments, her homeland, and the majority of the people that look up to her so much to want to leave there. I think it would be extremely difficult to leave one’s homeland and go to a completely new place. In America people have grown accustomed to a certain way of life. Even if one is of different skin they can get along fine in this country as long as they assimilate to the American way of life while in public. The groups of people that can do this best fit in a lot easier and have less cultural problems. I think all new immigrants to this country had to lay down their own boundaries as to how much of their ideas and culture they would keep and how much they would

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