Essay on The Late Art Period : Impressionism

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The earlier art period; Impressionism is a distinctive time in art history that took place from 1870-1890. Artists during this period focused on ordinary subjects and objects found in nature. They paid close attention to optical effects, and how the light reflected off their subjects during different times of the day. Painters during this period were known as “Impressionist’s”.
Characteristics of Style
An impressionist painting is identified by the characteristics of small, thin yet, visible brush strokes. The artists used vibrant, vivid colors and avoided the use of the color black. In addition the Impressionist painters used the technique called “impasto” where thick dabs of paint and loose brushstrokes were visible on the canvas (mindedge).
Historical Conditions Historical conditions that influenced the period of impressionism involved technological advancements. In which the creation of pre-mixed synthetic paint was introduced. This allowed artists to experiment with new colors and different techniques in painting. Governmental changes that also influenced this movement was specifically when France changed from absolute monarchy to an Expansionist Empire. Later art period: Post-impressionism
Following Impressionism was Post-Impressionism that occurred during the 1880’s -1900’s. The artists in this period were highly influenced by the works of Impressionist and their dedication against the social norms in art. They strived not only to offer a new way of looking at a…

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